Instrutora Foquinha- Leading Classes in West Oakland 

White Dress Photoshoot at Lake Merritt, Oakland by Cybil A. Fresnido-Patz

White Dress Photoshoot at Lake Merritt, Oakland by Cybil A. Fresnido-Patz

Hello and welcome!  My capoeira nickname is Foquinha (meaning Little Seal), and I lead the capoeira classes in West Oakland.  I discovered capoeira back in 2001, when I realized that capoeira was something that I wanted to do for life.  I was smitten with the blend of music, dance, and martial art.  In all of these areas, there were challenges from teaching my body new movements, to learning new instruments, to learning Portuguese, and to not being afraid to fall on my ass.  Every time I train I find something new to work on. 

Capoeira, however, is something more than just a physical and mental challenge.  It’s an art form born of struggle from enslaved Africans in Brazil, and continues to evolve and shape its practitioners around the world.  It’s an international tight-knit community that crosses social and racial boundaries that I am proud to be a part of.  I give thanks to Capoeira because it’s given me the closest of friends, and the opportunity to travel and to have family in whatever cities there is capoeira. 

I also realize that I am one of the few female teachers that teach and run their own groups.  I consider myself lucky to have an influential and bad ass female teacher, Professora Joy in NYC.  Capoeira is historically led by males, and I see the benefit of both male and female leadership in continuing traditions in this beautiful art form as well as pushing the boundaries and being part of the natural evolution of art.

As a teacher, I take the body and its form very seriously.  Capoeira pushes us to challenge ourselves to take our bodies to new places, and I also advocate for health and longevity.  My classes blend conditioning, partner work, acrobatics, music, and alignment.  My other life is as a nutrition coach and fitness teacher.  You can follow me through my website at, and my fitness classes at 

All levels are welcome, and I hope to see you in the next class. 

Capoeira Brasil East Bay is a satellite school of Capoeira Brasil under the lineage of Mestre Boneco .