Interested in Learning Capoeira?


Try Our $5 Intro Capoeira Class

Have you never tried Capoeira? Then this class is for you! Formulated for the first timer, this intro class will introduce you to the very basics of capoeira and what a normal class will feel like. You’ll get to meet the teachers and students that make up Capoeira Brasil East Bay, and hopefully have some fun.

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Try Our 6 Part Capoeira Beginner Series

Do you want to dive deep with 6 classes specifically tailored for the beginning capoeirista? Come join us in our special beginner series. You’ll make friends with your cohort, meet the teachers and students of Capoeira Brasil East Bay and we will show you all the basic movements, introduce some music and work you out in this 6 part beginner series.


Capoeira is an art form unlike any other.  It's cardio, strengthening, flexibility, reflexes, strategy, language, culture and community all rolled into one.  Come see why people do it for life.  


We, at Capoeira Brasil East Bay, believe that Capoeira can change lives, and give both physically and spiritually to its practitioners.  We are here to create community, and help strengthen each individual.....body, mind, and soul.