Instrutora Bailarina - West Oakland

Instrutora Bailarina is a permanent fixture in our classes and often leads classes in the beginner series.  

Lorin King or Instrutora Bailarina began capoeira in 2003 with Grupo Capoeira Brasil under Professor Caveira while in graduate school in Boston.  In 2004, she moved to New York and joined Formandos Coruja and Tuzinho of Capoeira Brasil NYC.  She continues to be under their guidance.  She is now a part of Capoeira Brasil East Bay.

Graduada Bailarina making her own berimbau!

Graduada Bailarina making her own berimbau!

Capoeira is an extraordinary martial art whose improvisation style means that movements may be accommodated for any and all practioners. Capoeira is the fight for freedom and in that spirit Graduada Bailarina teaches with strong belief that this martial art is for everyone.  Graduada Bailarina believes in having a strong foundation in basics and solid technique.

In her other life, she is a K/1 teacher at NOCCS (North Oakland Community Charter School).