What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a beautiful Brazilian art form, originating from enslaved Africans brought to Brazil, that combines dance, music, martial arts and culture.   A beautiful example of the African diaspora and the struggle against oppression, Capoeira has spread throughout the world and continues to grow and evolve.   Through practicing the art form of Capoeira, one is able to consistently challenge oneself, both mentally and physically. 

Beginners learn the basic vocabulary of the art form first: starting with basic evasions, kicks, and simple acrobatic movements such as cartwheels.  They also learn basic music and rhythms and begin to play with a partner and developing reflexes.   Intermediate and advanced students learn take downs and practice more challenging movements, as well as developing music, learning the history and practicing Portuguese language skills.  You will continually find aspects that you excel in, and areas that you need to improve!

Capoeira Brasil East Bay 

Capoeira Brasil East Bay is part of the Capoeira Brasil family.  Capoeira Brasil originally came from Grupo Senzala and was founded on January 14, 1989 by three Mestres.  Mestre Boneco, Mestre Paulinho Sabiá, and Mestre Paulão Ceará.  Capoeira Brasil East Bay comes from the lineage of Mestre Boneco.  Instrutora Foquinha and Graduada Bailarina are directly under Professora Joy in NYC.  

Together, we are a group of instructors who teach classes throughout the East Bay.  We are passionate about being in service to the community and look at capoeira as a transformational art form that can challenge personal growth as well as strengthen the bonds of community.