2019 Handstandathon Coming Sunday, April 28

Hello!  Thanks for joining us and supporting your favorite person in the Capoeira Brasil East Bay Hand Standathon! 

You will either be helping raise money for your beneficiary's batizado fee, or helping the person raise money for event expenses.  Either way, we are happy you are here, and THANK YOU!

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Pledge Amount (Per 15 seconds of handstand hold by your sponsor):*
Minimum 5 Dollars

Maximum Donation Amount: (No matter how long your sponsor holds their handstand you won't exceed this amount)

Disclaimer: By agreeing to checkout, you allow / agree to let Capoeira Brasil East Bay to save your card information (securely through Stripe, we don't hold your actual card information), in order to charge you the day of the Handstandathon, per the amount of time your sponsor has held.  We will not use your information for anything other than supporting the Handstandathon.