August Capoeira Beginner Series
to Aug 25

August Capoeira Beginner Series

Have you ever been interested in really seeing what all this capoeira hype is about?

Come see why capoeira gets you hella fit, and challenges your mind and coordination (what? I have to clap AND sing at the same time?), and why people do it for life with Capoeira Brasil's Beginner Series.

Here are the basics:

  • 6 Classes that will teach you all the foundational movements of capoeira

  • 4 Class minimum commitment to sign up

  • Classes are Thursdays from 7:45- 8:45 pm and Sundays from 11-12 pm

  • Preregistration required

  • $65


  • Ellen Webb Studio 2822-A Union St. Oakland

Class Dates:

  • Thursdays: 8/8, 8/15, 8/22

  • Sundays: 8/11, 8/18, 8/25

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Bay Area Weekend Encontro
to Jul 28

Bay Area Weekend Encontro

  • Capoeira Brasil East Bay (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us for a weekend of workshops and rodas with three special guests!

  • Formanda Joy, CBNY, Mestre Boneco

  • Professora Saehee, Capoeira Batuque, Mestre Amen

  • Instrutor Quebrado, CBLA, Mestre Boneco

Formanda Joy has trained with Capoeira Brasil for 20 years. She currently teaches capoeira at the Department of Education in NYC where she uses capoeira as a tool to build community, expose students to the traditions of martial arts and to challenge them to move in new ways. When not teaching at school she continues to train, teach, and lead the Capoeira Brasil NYC branch under the supervision of Mestre Boneco.

Professora Saehee has been learning Capoeira under Mestre Amen since 2004. She has been teaching the music classes at the Batuque main studio for many years, focusing on berimbau techniques and songs. She received the professor level cord in 2016.

Instrutor Quebrado has trained capoeira under Formanda Pavão and Formando Chegado since 2006, and has traveled the world training, teaching, and sharing his passion for the art form. He currently teaches in Burbank, CA. He received his instructor level cord in 2015.


  • Fri 7-10pm - 2 Workshops & Roda

  • Sat 1-4:30pm - Music Workshop, Movement Workshop, Roda

  • Sun 11-1:30pm - Roda of the Month

Pricing & Payment:

  • Full weekend - $100

  • One day only - $50

  • Per workshop - $30

  • Roda only (any day) - $10

Venmo @thenourishedbelly

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